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111009 Universal Compassion

111009 UniversalCompassion

Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

If only we could ever learn everything in a book. Should we linger on a page or two, instead?

Inspiring Solutions for Difficult Times

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Universal Envisioning Universal Compassion: A “Topian” Worldview

Another new book for my library, The Political Mind: Why you can’t Understand 21st-Century American politics with an 18th-Century Brain.

By George Lakoff, author of the New York Times bestseller, Don’t think of an Elephant.

See him on Daily Show or Colbert Report? Post here.

I’m also watching The Unmistaken Child      

Why You Can't Understand 21st-Century American Politics with an 18th-Century Brain

George Lakoff

The political mind is changing as is the social mind. Technosphere is growing around us like a bubble and we are becoming clouded around us with activity, like little atoms combining and recombining in various forms for various purposes. Being at One with that Constant Activity is what life is all about. Always Present. Always Now.

Religious tolerance is a concept few Americans have come to properly understand. We have not yet learned how to enjoy the Freedom that has been recognized as a natural right of all human beings, man, woman, transgendered, because we know everything can change, so it can be hard for us to conform. Conformity has often been cited as the rule of law or civilization, but really its about Control and Freedom. When Ahura Mazda gave to Zarathustra the Emerald Stone of Enlightenment, he buried it underneath a fire,  asking that it never be extinguished. For 9500 years now, that flame has been burning. The village of Chak Chak, or Pir-e Sabz in Iran, which has kept the fire burning since the Aram Muslim invasions of the 7th century. Though the Arab Muslims have long been warriors, the US Military probably has plans to destroy that holy relic. Can someone please tell me if the president is going to send more troops to Afghanistan?

He spoke at Ft. Hood today and I only caught the tail end on the radio at lunch, and I will watch the whole thing tonight, but I’m immediately struck that he made no mention of the “Psychosis of War” the PTSD trauma that most suffer. But more deeply, the depravity we inflict on other nations when we make such a huge fuss over a few soldiers and civilians killed on american soil – we are War, Mr. President, because you continue to fight this unjust war in the name of a false Righteousness. We cannot condemn the man who killed all the people at Ft. Hood, but then how can we rightly look ourselves in the mirror and not feel the same intense repulsion for the bombings and murdering and killing and maiming the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and the dozens of countries we have Attacked over the past 20 years, since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the beginning of the end of Communism. The mistake we have made was in not supporting the Democracy Advocates who were protesting in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, formerly Peking, China. Or the democracy advocates in 1949 China. Why did we let Communism spread to China?the-goddess-of-democracy-in-tiananmen-square

By not supporting democracy around the world, we have allowed the Peace of the 21st Century to begin with War and Violence around the globe, using CIA thugs and Private “Security” Firms to impose “American Law & Order” on the world. But Mr. President, for whatever reason you have decided to not investigate or prosecute, but have even gone so far as to continue to employ the very people who were directly responsible for carrying out the illegal orders of a President, should also be investigated. The only way peace can come to the world is through an understanding of the Truth, and that Mr. President you have no right to hide! We protested when the last president didn’t want to release photos of the dead soldiers arriving from Afghanistan the last 8 years or Iraq the last 6 years, but everyone must be held Accountable to the American People. Have you assigned a special prosecutor? Was the deal that the Republican Party would get to oppose your every move if only because you are a Democrat, and you don’t investigate or prosecute President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney? But you are continuing some of their policies, some of which might put you under the eyes of Truth and Justice, but you are an Honorable Man and I know you want the Truth. Mr. President, please release all the records of the George W. Bush administration, and everyone who wants to know about the actions of the last 8 years can read for themselves. Can you consider that an FOI request?

I don’t know if the Doctor who killed all those people in Ft. Hood will tell us honestly why he did what he did, but a person has to wonder if he wasn’t trying to show America the hurt we inflict on other countries, so that we may find Compassion within us to End the Wars. Perhaps it’s the big slap in the face that America needs to wake-up….A US Soldier, trained and armed by the Army, has killed 12 people, and wounded several others. We haven’t been able to see the violence our military has done to other people in other countries, and we haven’t yet seen footage of this carnage, but the truth is, WE KILL PEOPLE EVERY DAY around the world. We can stop doing that now.

Compassion Creates Peace – I don’t know what that would sound like in tibetan or pali sanskrit, but I would like to hear it.

Tune in. Will have a whole different meaning next year.

I have faith that we have elected a Wise Man and though he is cautious in his steps, I wish him to take bold decisive action. Lacking that, allow us to see all the documents of his administration. These are Public Servants, and they have no right to hide anything for any purpose. The concept of “National Security” should denote something even more important for all the public to be made aware of: it means we are in danger and the best thing to protect against danger, is not by striking at it first, blind and unknowingly, but to be prepared, adapt, and flourish. Our government is not allowed to have secrets from the american people, that is the purpose of a free press.  has been an important site for me.

I haven’t been following any bloggers, but I’m starting to find some:

 I thought the timing of his cartoon was appropriate.

Forgive me for contacting an Imam by visiting his website….Religious Tolerance is going to be a hard lesson for Americans to learn. They barely have learned to deal with race, now we want to ask them to think of religion also.

Universal Compassion. Say it with me! Universal Compassion. (How does that sound in tibetan buddhism?)

 If we could know the music of Zoroaster, would it sound like this:

Or would it sound like the great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:


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